Dr. Suess Hats

Q. Were these ever a good idea?

A. For a period in the '90s, it seemed like a good idea to wear these at concerts & other public occasions, and some Europeans still associate them with "good times", but ultimately, No, they never were a good idea.

Papyrus Font

It wasn't enough in the '90s if you owned a restaurant, women's clothing boutique, or candle shop. It didn't matter if you offered superior service or an excellent product. No, if you wanted that truly '90s clientele, your sign/menu/correspondence better have been in Papyrus font. It was deeply important to consumers that your business related to the idea of an ancient and mystical scroll.

Beanie Babies

The savvy investors of the '90s knew where to put their hard-earned cash: Beanie Babies. How could the value of these simple bean-bag animals go anywhere but up? Yes, the smart folks spent hundreds on "rare" Happy Meal versions, and those with Warren Buffet-like vision knew a sure bet when they outbid each other for limited edition tie-died bears. We all may be laughing at their near-worthless collections now, but someday the wisdom of the 1990s will shine forth and make these people into billionaires.