So, let's say the year is 1972. Bellbottoms are the trend of the moment, so you have a pair attached to your body. Permanently. As in, they can't be removed without damaging your legs. Or, let's take it forward to 1980. You have your hair permanently feathered. You can't change it without ruining your scalp. Now, you may be thinking "Pshaw! Who would exhibit such an alarming lack of foresight? Who in the world would damage their body to get in line with a passing fad?" The '90s would, my friend. With a questionably accurate Chinese symbol on your neck, a tribal armband tattoo, or a scrolling lower back design, you may as well wear a sign that says "Hi! I'm from the '90s!"

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Meade Skelton Haufe said...

I thought the Arm band tattoo thing reached its peak around 2002? But I can't remember. I was just a teenager through all the 90s until 1999 when I turned 20.